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Farm Blade: Farm Land Tycoon APK

version: 1.3.0

Harvest the crop! Be hard-working! Are you ready to become a good farmer?

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  • Farm Blade: Farm Land Tycoon APK
  • Farm Blade: Farm Land Tycoon APK
  • Farm Blade: Farm Land Tycoon APK
  • Farm Blade: Farm Land Tycoon APK
  • Farm Blade: Farm Land Tycoon APK
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Go to the fields and work with Farm Blade: Farm Land Tycoon! Go on a farm adventure, raise animals, grow crops and expand your island!
Farm Blade has every kind of farm product you love!
What does our farm master want today?
Meet lovely farmers now!

Cute and extremely cute farm game- Farm Blade: Farm Land Tycoon
Welcome to our farm!

Step 1: Get the quest from the boss
The farmer takes the task from the boss, see what your boss needs: apples, wheat, tomatoes, eggplant, milk, eggs, meat...

Step 2: Harvest
The blade is always ready, wherever the farmer moves, he will harvest there. Fill the bag and bring it back to the boss to complete the mission. With the surplus farm products, sell to get money to upgrade your blade, bag and movement speed.

Step 3: Use of Support and Pets
During the working time, there are many support tools, character interfaces and pets, you should use them to improve the working efficiency of the farmers.

Step 4: Expand the farm
Start with a small field, then expand into a big farm! Be careful with thieves, don't lose your agricultural products. There are 20+ maps for you to harvest and trade. Each region has different crops and ways of working: Harvest apples, wheat, tomatoes, eggplants and all your favorite fruits and vegetables. Raise many lovely pets. Raise cows, sheep and hens for milk and eggs. As you complete each area, you will unlock more areas, make a reasonable investment to continue to increase your share of revenue.
Show us your great management skills!

The perfect game for the following people:
- Anyone who loves farm games, animal games, farming games, cute games!
- Anyone who likes agricultural products: apples, wheat, tomatoes, eggplants, milk, eggs, meat… and more!
- Anyone who loves relaxing games, auto games, simulation games!
- Anyone who likes to play single player games and free games!

Come and relax in this relaxing free farm game - Farm Blade: Farm Land Tycoon to grow fields, care for animals, hire workers and build bigger barns!
Country life is waiting for you!

You need help? Contact us by email: support@unimobgame.com

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