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Gennady: Dash of Rampage APK

version: 1.31

How far can you run while destroying an alien biome along the way?

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  • Gennady: Dash of Rampage APK
  • Gennady: Dash of Rampage APK
  • Gennady: Dash of Rampage APK
  • Gennady: Dash of Rampage APK
  • Gennady: Dash of Rampage APK
Editor Review

Gennady: Dash of Rampage - arcade like old games with runner and action elements, completely new platformer, 2d game in black and white comics style.
Embark on a space action adventure. Swipe to dash for alien biome destruction rampage! How far can you run through the endless obstacle course generated in roguelike style? It's not just an arcade game, it's a hard game and your nightmare horror!

Plans have changed. Stretching out in front of the TV in bachelor shorts today will not work.

The face, always radiating imperturbable calm, did not flinch when a beam from space teleported a piece of his apartment along with the owner. Not a single muscle trembled at the sight of a huge alien factory for packing biomass into nutritious bouillon cubes. Such a trifle does not scare him! Angered by the overlooked Late Night Show, he will do everything to make the kidnappers regret it.

The unique swipe mechanic allows you to dash, with this action you can move around the level, dodge rampage alien attacks. Test your skills in this noir comics hard game. Swipe, dash and run is the only way you can get to the boss.

The main difference between Gennady: Dash of Rampage and other arcade games is the unusual black and white style and the story drawn in noir comics.
This rampage 2d platformer will give you a new spaceship destruction experience with dash action. Set the motion vector, evaluate the geometry of the level and rush forward! Nightmare alien factory - this is only the first biome of our runner, there will be further: this is a subway with aliens, a temple of mutations, various bosses, more horror and much more.

Show who is the best runner here. Set new records with unusual swipe mechanics and rampage dash, compare your results with other runners. Run to infinity in an alien subway, destroying everything in your path. Magic will not help - only the fury of hearts on shorts!
If you like action runner platformers, then Gennady: Dash of Rampage is the 2d game you were looking for.
Along the way, you may encounter the nightmare boss, to defeat him, jump to platform and swipe for dash. Only with such an action can you avoid the horror waiting for you at the alien space station.

Game Features:

- Like old 2d games
- Unusual swipe mechanics
- Random roguelike generation of black and white locations
- Noir story made in comics style
- Hard game with difficult challenges and nightmare bosses
- Arcade action platformer

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