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Click on a blank space that the intersection of the same tiles.

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111% game, SEAPONG
It's simple but addictive.
Click on a blank space that the intersection of the same tiles.
If two or more tiles of the same shape are connected by the cross,
those shape tiles will be jumped!
Save the blocks, before they reached in the ocean!!
The important things are speed and the concentration.
How long can you survive on the SEAPONG!?
(My Score is 1111)
Game Features:
- Many types of tiles(If you go higher, you can see it)
- Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.
- Easy and fun to play, but addictive.
- Check facebook page, there is a know-how of high score.
- Colorful UI, simple sound effects, attractive tiles.
BBTAN, CCTAN, DDTAN, EETAN, POPONG!, Charles, CtrlCV, Goodnight RUDY, RoadStar, Lunar Blade, DjJelly, PushKey, Boing111, JUMP360, ActionFingers, BBTOON and CEAPONG
Share your screenshots online such as Facebook or Instagram.
Enjoy POPONG while you commute, on a date, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank and so on. Anytime, any where you can play SEEPONG!!
Simple but Addictive
SEAPONG by 111%

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