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Stumble Guys Mod APK 0.66 [Remove ads][Unlocked]

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Update on: 2024-02-29

Stumble Guys Mod is a modified version of Stumble Guys developed by Kitka Games. The difference between mod version and original version is: camera view unlocked skins unlocked emotes unlocked foot ste... You can download latest mod version or original version of Stumble Guys 0.66.2 with HappyMod. HappyMod is the best mod downloader for 100% working mods. Click here to learn how to use HappyMod to download and install all kinds of file types:xapk, bapk, apks...
App nameStumble Guys Mod APK 0.66 [Remove ads][Unlocked]
Update on2024-02-29
Size144.83 MB
Mod infocamera view unlocked skins unlocked emotes unlocked foot steps ads removed
DeveloperKitka Games
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Stumble Guys Mod APK
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Stumble Guys Mod APK 0.66 [Remove ads][Unlocked]

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# Mod Info

The main advantages / modifications of Stumble Guys Mod APK 0.66 [Remove ads][Unlocked]

Video Verified

Mod V1 features:
Menu/Unlimited money/Weak Enemies/Unlocked

Mod V2 features:
camera view
unlocked skins
unlocked emotes
unlocked foot steps
ads removed

# The thrilling yet simple control mechanisms intrigue and excite.

Stumble Guys’ controls have been simplified to make it easy for the player to continually interact with environmental objects. Players can also easily overcome obstacles by performing various actions. Conveniently implemented features help players customize their experience to meet any need. These include a wide array of actions that lead to unexpected outcomes and missteps by the recipients of these actions.

# Engage in a fierce yet enjoyable battle royale.

The game has only one play mode, but it features multiple stages for players. Each stage features unique challenges, which appear at random. These challenges often involve new atmospheres or different textures in the environment. Additionally, players must traverse the stages and fight enemies to stay alive. As the number of players decreases on a given stage, other players may be freed through morally questionable means.

# Cooperate with other players in group activities.

All Battle Royales require the players to compete in a continuous round of competition. Between these stages, the players must work together to eliminate all opposing teams in coordinated groups. This is a much more important part of the game than individual play; it's also the most chaotic and entertaining part of every battle.

# Embrace intense competition to become the champion.

The game's end stages alter the game's progression, amplifying the overall seriousness. During these moments, players receive generous rewards that stimulate their desire to continue playing. These challenges emphasize speed or agility and may even eliminate competitors in an attempt to win the game. Additional incentives add even more fun and activity to each challenge, ensuring that each moment is filled with energy and challenge.

# Create attractive outfits to personalize the character.

In addition to the already-present hilarious skins, Stumble Guys’ character customization is prominent and significant content. Players have a large choice of popular skins that they can customize or mix with other outfits to create new, lively and funny effects. New clothing models will appear in the store or players’ rewards over time so that players can continue to participate in the game with a positive spirit. All of the stages in Stumble Guys combine the tension of competitive races with the excitement of friendly games. An intricate graphics engine and realistic physics add to the experience by making each stage unique. Winners in all stages get outstanding rewards, which make every game a fantastic one. It's also a top choice for players looking for emotion-filled gaming experiences with top notch quality.


In the most competitive Battle Royale games, players constantly battle while seeking to keep their lives on track. Characters push each other off the stage as they immerse themselves in an enjoyable, yet chaotic mix of activities. The high quality graphics and level designs add to the overall enjoyment of being hit by random flying objects. With impressive costumes and enourmous character customizations, MesaWorld provides an amazingly fun environment with additional complications when collaborated with friends. Players can use traps and realistic physics to increase their enjoyment and create opportunities to use someone off the map.

# Learn about Stumble Guys with this update.

Kitka Games’s first game was called Stumble Guys. This game, which hadn’t released any products before, quickly became popular with everyone thanks to its unique gameplay. Stumble Guys helps connect players through its in-game functionality. By installing this game on your Android device, you can break the monotony of weekends.

# The game has a funny pace.

There is no story contained in Stumble Guys; additionally, it features no additional content. The game's gameplay is extremely free-form and the goal of each match is to reach the finish line. The race is similar to a racing game. When a certain number of players have won the prize, those who haven't finished the race are disqualified and become losers. Any players not included in the 16-person race receive no rank accumulation points and fewer rewards. The Stumble Guys won 16 winners during the 32-person race. This game has a similar gameplay to Fall Dudes 3D— it can be downloaded if you want a new experience.

# The competition is fierce with no clear winner.

A match with up to 32 participants can be exceptionally difficult due to the presence of numerous hazards. Players routinely stumble and fall due to the labyrinthine nature of the arena's landscape. Once an accident occurs, the game starts with the first line. It didn't restart until 16 players finished. Move cautiously; Stumble Guys only cares about whether you finish the race or not. I learned this the hard way when I ran into a wall. In this competition, no one wins or loses. It also helps you earn ranking points; which will allow you to be placed on the silver board of the game system's rankings system.

# Face the most daunting adversaries and triumph over them.

Stumble Guys features a wide range of map types. Each map comes with a set of challenges specific to its type. If the player isn't careful or alert enough, they quickly fall back to the starting line. Additionally, the game's dangerous obstacles and traps position themselves in a way that makes it difficult to regroup without first thinking carefully about how to proceed. I enjoy the maps featured in this game. The system randomly picks one to use for the map when starting a race. The game's core mechanics — such as renewing the internal elements — are updated regularly to keep players engaged. Additionally, new mishaps pile up because they're more entertaining than ever. There are few players who only play one race.ce and successfully finish the race. Most of the people in a hurry are pushed down by a snowball, the camera causes an accident or the slippery slope falls.

# Stumble Guys Mod APK 0.66 [Remove ads][Unlocked] Features:


Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale is a popular game that takes inspiration from the exciting battle royale genre. Developed by Kitka Games, this fun-filled multiplayer game offers a unique twist on the genre, providing players with wildly entertaining obstacle races and hilarious ragdoll physics. In this review, we will take a closer look at its latest feature, the mod menu, which enhances the overall gameplay experience.

Gameplay Overview:

Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale puts players into a chaotic world where they must navigate through insane obstacle courses, competing against other players to become the ultimate champion. The controls are straightforward, allowing players to run, jump, and dive their way through the challenges. With various customization options, players can dress up their characters using a wide selection of costumes and outfits.

Mod Menu Feature:

The mod menu, introduced in the latest update, adds a whole new dimension to the game. It introduces a range of exciting features and abilities that can be accessed through a user-friendly interface. Players can now gain an advantage by activating different mods, such as unlimited jumps, super speed, invisibility, or the ability to bypass certain obstacles. This feature unlocks a new level of strategy and creativity, making every match feel different and unpredictable.

Graphics and Sound Design:

Stumble Guys offers a visually appealing and colorfully vibrant world, creating an immersive experience for players. The cartoonish art style complements the game's silly and light-hearted nature, ensuring an enjoyable visual treat. The sound design perfectly complements the frenzied gameplay elements, with playful background music and comical sound effects that bring the game to life.

Game Modes and Progression:

Stumble Guys offers a variety of game modes, including solo races and team-based challenges, providing players with diverse and engaging gameplay options. Each mode offers its own set of obstacles and hurdles, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience each time. The progression system, although quite simple, keeps players hooked as they unlock new costumes and accessories to customize their characters.

Multiplayer Experience:

One of the highlights of Stumble Guys is its multiplayer experience. With the mod menu feature, players can now enjoy the game with friends both online and locally, adding an extra layer of fun and competition. The seamless multiplayer functionality allows players to connect with their friends effortlessly, resulting in epic and hilarious moments.


Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale, with its newly introduced mod menu feature, is a delightful and entertaining game that offers players a unique twist on the battle royale genre. The captivating graphics, exhilarating gameplay, and laughter-inducing multiplayer experience make it an excellent choice for gamers looking for light-hearted fun. With regular updates and additional features, Stumble Guys continues to impress and is definitely worth checking out for all fans of the battle royale genre.

Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale Mod game is a nice action game with all skins unlocked. You can free to use all skins on this game. Sign in social account: Not supported

Game online or offline: Offline

Root Needed?: No

License Needed?: No

Install Steps:
1) Download APK fiel on happymod.com.
2) Install and Enjoy.

Also read: COC MOD. Mod info: unlimted money and unlimited coins, private server.

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Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale

Stumble Guys is a massively multiplayer party knockout game with up to 32 players online intention to struggle through levels round after round of escalating chaos, until one victor remains! If you fall, just start again and run. Join the endless running fun!

Dive into a series of ridiculous challenges and bizarre obstacles, knock down your rivals and overcome everything to win! So, are you ready to get totally wipe out? Download Stumble Guys the ultimate knockout game now and take a part of this ultimate madness. Invite your dudes also and beat them all!

Fun Features

• Run & Dash & Slide past opponents
• Dodge oncoming obstacles
• Battle Royale real multiplayer
• Colorful and crazy in design
• Comically Physical
• Many customization options
• Tons of hilarious fails

Don't Fall, Knockout Foes, Win and Be the champion!

NOTE: game is still early stage so stay tuned we will update regularly

The thrilling yet simple control mechanisms intrigue and excite.
Engage in a fierce yet enjoyable battle royale.
Cooperate with other players in group activities.
Embrace intense competition to become the champion.
Create attractive outfits to personalize the character.
Learn about Stumble Guys with this update.
The game has a funny pace.
The competition is fierce with no clear winner.
Face the most daunting adversaries and triumph over them.

# Stumble Guys Brief Introduction

Welcome to the wacky and unpredictable world of Stumble Guys! Get ready to dive into a hilarious multiplayer party game that guarantees endless hours of laughter and fun. Created by Kitka Games, Stumble Guys offers a thrilling and chaotic experience where ragdoll-like characters compete against each other in a series of zany obstacle courses.

In this thrilling battle royale-style game, players take on the role of customizable stumbling athletes, determined to be the last one standing. Prepare to face insane challenges as you navigate through colorful and treacherous environments, dodging traps, jumping over obstacles, and battling against other opponents in your path.

With its vibrant and visually stunning graphics, Stumble Guys transports you into a whimsical world packed with surprises and mayhem. But beware, as you stumble your way to victory, you'll encounter a wide range of hilarious and unpredictable moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But remember, it's not just about lightning-fast reflexes and agility in Stumble Guys. Strategy and wit play a crucial role, as you'll need to outsmart your opponents and strategically plan your moves to overcome the challenges ahead. Whether it's leaping over spinning blades, diving through hoops, or racing against the clock, each level will test your skills and push you to the limit.

The addictive gameplay of Stumble Guys is further enhanced by its unique multiplayer mode, allowing you to compete against friends and players from around the world. Join forces or go head-to-head with others in a quest for victory, earning bragging rights as the ultimate stumbling champion!

So, gather your friends, prepare for hilarious moments, and put your stumbling skills to the test in the exciting world of Stumble Guys! Are you ready to embrace the chaos, overcome obstacles, and rise to the top? Let the stumbling madness begin!

# How to download and install Stumble Guys Mod APK 0.66 [Remove ads][Unlocked]?

// Option A //

To download Stumble Guys mod from HappyMod.com.
You need enable the option "Unknown Sources".
1. Click on the above link to download Stumble Guys mod APK.
2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.
3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

// Option B //

To download Stumble Guys from HappyMod APP, you can follow this:
1. Open your browser and download the HappyMod APK file from HappyMod.com - the only official website of HappyMod.
2. Open Android Settings and go into Privacy or Security.
3. Tap the option to Allow Unknown Sources and enable it.
4. Go to your Android downloads and tap the APK file.
5. Follow the directions on the screen to install it.
6. Search Stumble Guys in HappyMod App.

# Full Specifications of Stumble Guys Mod APK 0.66 [Remove ads][Unlocked]

// Download Information //

Version Code19533
Langaf am ar as az be bg bn bs ca cs da de de-DE el en en-AU en-CA en-GB en-IN en-XC es es-419 es-ES es-US et eu fa fi fr fr-CA gl gu hi hr hu hy id in is it iw ja ja-JP ka kk km kn ko ky lo lt lv mk ml mn mr ms my nb ne nl or pa pl pt pt-BR pt-PT ro ru si sk sl sq sr sr-Latn sv sw ta te th tl tr uk ur uz vi zh zh-CN zh-HK zh-MO zh-TW zu


// Operation Systems //

Permission Text OTHER:
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.
Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
Min Sdk22
Min Sdk TxtAndroid 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)
Target Sdk33
Target Sdk Txt33
Multi WindowNo
Supports Screenssmall, normal, large, xlarge
Open GL Int0
Supports Any DensityYes
Densities120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640, 65534, 65535

// User Features //

Uses Feature Wi-Fi hardware features:
The app uses 802.11 networking (Wi-Fi) features on the device.

// Signature //

Valid FromFri Feb 29 02:33:46 CET 2008 until: Tue Jul 17 03:33:46 CEST 2035
Serial Number936eacbe07f201df

// Developer //

LocaleMountain View

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    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:44:00

    From:FR   Device:SM-G781B   OS:android 12
    its x working
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    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:43:02

    From:BR   Device:SM-A035M   OS:android 13
    bom legal é divertido
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    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:42:25

    From:BR   Device:2303ERA42L   OS:android 14
  • I

    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:33:34

    From:IT   Device:Mi Note 10 Pro   OS:android 11
    vagagazH s kj hashtag hryyyeuruu mwhshjr h eh DJ vHdjnfm eventi.
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    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:29:19

    From:BR   Device:SM-A035M   OS:android 13
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    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:27:02

    From:DE   Device:SM-G960U   OS:android 10
  • T

    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:19:46

    From:TR   Device:SM-P610   OS:android 13
    (\_/) ( • •) />?
  • U

    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:15:49

    From:US   Device:vivo 1819   OS:android 11
    ch of ha is is us Cree HF ft YTD g gt ggggggvvrr HW HW ya
  • I

    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:13:52

    From:ID   Device:V2249   OS:android 13
    sangat seru
  • G

    @Anonymous   2024-03-02 20:07:13

    From:GB   Device:22120RN86G   OS:android 14
    not working
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  • I

    @Anonymous   2023-04-02 13:24:39

    From:ID   Device:samsung SM-J250F   OS:android 7.1.1
    menu mod uang tidak terbatas selalu menang membuka semua yang ada
  • I

    @Anonymous   2023-03-29 05:36:42

    From:IT   Device:samsung SM-A127F   OS:android 13
    can you please make a new mod menu for stumble guys thanks
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-03-29 05:30:49

    From:US   Device:samsung SM-G990E   OS:android 13
  • G

    @Anonymous   2023-03-29 00:01:17

    From:GB   Device:OPPO CPH2271   OS:android 12
    I Think for every mod there should be an updated version of that also featuring live events and anything you buy doubles
  • B

    @Anonymous   2023-03-26 01:38:27

    From:BA   Device:samsung SM-A035F   OS:android 12
    Matejtopalovi1111ei8282928292i3i3i84848473828829q99293873747473882929191o1919wjjdjdjsjwnwuwnwajNNnanwj3j3 a nJJJajwjwuwi3j3
  • F

    @Anonymous   2023-03-25 15:59:48

    From:FR   Device:samsung SM-A202F   OS:android 11
  • D

    @Anonymous   2023-03-25 01:21:09

    From:DE   Device:Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus   OS:android 8.1.0
    Alle. Skins kostenlos haben und alles haben aus Stumbel Guys!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!;;!!!!;;;!!;;;;;;;;!!!!!!
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-03-24 23:43:48

    From:US   Device:TCL 5029F   OS:android 10
    soy buena persona y buen amigo jdjdhdbdbdbhdjdhhdhdhdhdhdhhdhdhdhdhdbbbu uvuftkzltzkkykstizrkzrkkrkzkstkdsdsrjsrjrustisrus a a iwktkakariTkRkRtGsrjsagsrulstkstiñzñitxgkgzt jixymFjFKzgkdcfgdxmhctkyvlgtskyrtktettdfkddgbXIjfgjfiovovrjjfreypi.i. ijuhuh
  • I

    @Anonymous   2023-03-23 20:29:00

    From:ID   Device:vivo V2038   OS:android 11
    saya ingin semua skin stumble guys ter buka semua.
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-03-22 22:15:58

    From:US   Device:samsung SAMSUNG-SM-G930A   OS:android 8.0.0
    All skins, unlimited gems, unlimited tokens. update at 10K download
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