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Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod

Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod APK 5.7.1 [Mod Menu][Invincible]

100% working

Update on: 2023-11-29

Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod is a modified version of Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG developed by Kefir. The difference between mod version and original version is: Permmission Required of floating icon to display on top for ... You can download latest mod version or original version of Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG 5.7.1 with HappyMod. HappyMod is the best mod downloader for 100% working mods. Click here to learn how to use HappyMod to download and install all kinds of file types:xapk, bapk, apks...
App nameGrim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod APK 5.7.1 [Mod Menu][Invincible]
Update on2023-11-29
Size377.67 MB
Mod infoPermmission Required of floating icon to display on top for the MOD MENU to work. MOD menu : click the icon in the upper ...
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Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod APK 5.7.1 [Mod Menu][Invincible]

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# Mod Info

The main advantages / modifications of Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod APK 5.7.1 [Mod Menu][Invincible]

Video Verified

Mod V1 features:
MOD Menu

Mod V2 features:
Free craft/mod menu

Mod V3 features:

Mod V4 features:
Permmission Required of floating icon to display on top for the MOD MENU to work.
MOD menu : click the icon in the upper left corner to open
1: Move quickly on the map
2: You can build from any location
3: Characters do not die
4: The attack power is very high
5: Move very fast
6: Monsters don't move

# 100% working video verified!

Screen capture video of Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod. 100% working!

# The system releases expected newer versions regularly.

New discoveries bring new surprises. The first formidable monsters to appear on Grim Soul reveal the existence of an army in the deep forest. You and your teammates will enter the heart of the ice to intimidate them into submission. A new adversary named Coldbane will appear in this challenge. Weapons freeze when in subzero temperatures, adding new hardships to the equation. Treasure hoards holdouts from the cold as well, requiring new approaches to solving their puzzles. New armor can protect characters from injury during battle. It also reduces pain tolerance and increases the likelihood of falling victim to enemy attacks. Additional opportunities to acquire chest keys and other exciting new activities are added with new events soon to come. New content includes better photographs to provide the best overall experience.

# The epic land remains unfinished as players continue to write new stories upon it.

When training in the deep forest, the hero of Grim Soul can prevent his village from being destroyed. However, only a few minutes into training can he still be defeated. At night, wolves go to sleep with their eyes open. This is when you should begin a practice with great allies. Their formidable claws and fangs allow dangerous situations to be resolved thanks to the help of their wolf companions.

# You can create a source of items and face hundreds of opponents.

One of the exciting features of Grim Soul is the variety of powerful weapons available. These historic tools provide a wide array of options for every attack. And since they're already trained, you don’t have to worry about wielding a sword or a hammer from the start. The game's touch screen controls make it easy to manage the character's activities. The responsive movement of the character in the game provides a smooth experience that feels natural to the player. Doing battle with hundreds of foes, players will win and maintain their village safely.

# The epic battle ends with your triumphant return.

Tree-dwelling humans face severe hardships, with brutal empires supplanting their once primitive tribes. As a result, Grim Soul chronicles the harsh lives of its subjects. Struggle to survive in frigid climes year-round thanks to outside assistance. In order to prepare for future battles and confrontations, players need to acquire the appropriate weaponry. It's imperative to have a constant companion by their side as they embark on this mission. Once this is finished, the village will return to a state of peace as well as the benefits of an economically thriving town.

# Key features of the app include real-time weather updates and information on local restaurants and coffee shops.

In order to survive in the ancient land, players engage in combat and discover many options for each battle. Many notable battles have been recorded by using the best spirit; these records are heard throughout the world. The game's system ensures the best possible experience by wiping the current progress and adding new content. Because of this, you can easily involve yourself in the story and take action. Additionally, the creative and diverse space makes it easy to understand the narrative. You can start by building a solid foundation. Next, choose a great ally to assist you on your journey. Subsequent training sessions will increase your combat skills. As the game progresses, additional lessons and powerful characters appear in each confrontation. These characters can easily overtake your top rankings if not dealt with properly. When facing hard circumstances, the rewards you deserve don’t hold you back. Bonus money can be used to pay for items in the store or upgrade research room space.

# Let the Journey Begin Originally appeared as a book by author Michael Phillips.

At the beginning of the game, you're just a regular man. The reason why this game is considered beautiful is that it requires players to find ways to gather resources and stay alive. You need to find food, shelter and equipment to stay alive. You also need to look for additional resources and find a replacement when your character dies. In order to survive the denizens of the wild, you must build a protective shelter. Select wood, stone and other useful resources from the surroundings to construct it. Also collect any chests that may be present; they typically contain valuable loots. To protect your base and establish a sense of security, place traps all over your home. Stock your arsenals with anything from wire to stone, wood and lead to ward off any would-be attackers. As an extra precaution, create weapons from whatever materials you have on hand to fend off any mythical beasts or other players who covet your resources.

# Get better at fighting by reading this document.

Increasing one's fighting prowess is the best means of enduring this desolate landscape. Avoiding confrontation and fleeing isn't practical— rather, functioning well in fights is essential. The positive aspect of Grim Soul is that you can interact with other players by playing with them. This helps you increase your chances of survival by learning the right tactics and experience. Avoid trading items you need for items you don't by trading with people you don't trust. Although, this option is placed entirely on the buyer’s shoulders. Always keep watch for thieves since they can take your possessions whenever they please. Advertisement

# Extensive graphics are featured in this game.

An impressive open world game called Grim Soul mod APK is powered by a modded APK. Because of this, the game lets players travel anywhere they want as long as they're prepared to defend themselves. Longidng the game can lead to ancient mysteries that need to be discovered. Consider the time involved when relocating between locations. This is not like other games where this aspect can be sped up. You need to be thoughtful when making decisions due to this. The game's graphics are well-detailed, sharp and easy to use. The game's medieval setting is amazing; as is the graphics for the characters and other items. Because of this, many novices find the game incredibly straightforward.

# Additional information about playing Grim Soul.

Newbies may find the prospect of playing their first game intimidating. A purchase could even be made as a result of this confusion.ong things and end up spending a lot more time than you'd liked. That's exactly why we've come prepared.

# Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod APK 5.7.1 [Mod Menu][Invincible] Features:


Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG is an exhilarating and highly immersive mobile game that transports players to a dark and perilous world. Developed by Kefir! Studio, this game has captivated players with its stunning visuals, challenging gameplay, and unique storyline. In this review, we will delve deep into the game's mod menu features and explore the overall gaming experience it offers.

Visuals and Atmosphere:

One of the most striking aspects of Grim Soul: Dark Survival is its breathtaking visuals and atmospheric design. The game's dark and gloomy landscapes, coupled with detailed character models and animations, create an immersive atmosphere that draws players into its world. From decrepit castles and eerie forests to desolate wastelands, each location is crafted meticulously to ensure an engrossing visual experience.

Mod Menu Features:

One standout feature of this game is its mod menu, which offers a range of customizations and enhancements to improve gameplay. The mod menu includes various options such as unlimited resources, instant crafting, god mode, and one-hit kills. These additions can greatly enhance the player's progress through the game, making survival easier and granting access to exclusive items and resources.


Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG presents players with a challenging and dynamic survival experience. Set in a medieval fantasy world plagued by darkness, players must navigate through treacherous landscapes, fight off hordes of undead enemies, and scavenge for resources to build their shelter and craft weapons. The game features a captivating storyline and quests that provide a sense of progression and purpose.

The mod menu features in Grim Soul add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Unlimited resources allow players to build and upgrade their base without worrying about shortages, while instant crafting makes resource management seamless and efficient. God mode grants invulnerability, enabling players to tackle dangerous enemies with ease, and one-hit kills turn battles into thrilling encounters.

In-Game Purchases:

While the mod menu offers exciting enhancements, it's important to note that these features might alter the intended balance and progression of the game. Some players may argue that the mod menu takes away from the intended challenge and sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that using mod menus may violate the game's terms of service.


Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG stands out as a thrilling and engaging mobile game, offering players a captivating survival experience in a dark and treacherous world. The stunning visuals, immersive atmosphere, and challenging gameplay all contribute to its appeal. The mod menu features provide an exciting boost to gameplay, allowing players to explore unique advantages and experience the game from a different perspective. However, it's important to consider the potential impact on balance and progression, as well as the ethical implications of using mod menus. Ultimately, Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG with its mod menu offers an unforgettable gaming experience for fans of survival RPGs.

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival Mod is role_playing game with free craft features. In this mod, you can create / build without resources. You can get unlimited skill points increase. You can duplicate by splitting. You can walk with Maximum Resistance and Energy is not wasted. You can walk quickly on map. Enjoy the game!

Root Needed?: No

License Needed?: No

Install Steps:
1) Download APK files on happymod.com.
2.) Install and Enjoy.

Also read: COC MOD. Mod info: unlimted money and unlimited coins, private server.

Grim Soul is a free-to-play dark fantasy survival MMORPG. A once-prosperous Imperial province, the Plaguelands are now covered in fear and darkness. Its inhabitants have turned into endlessly wandering souls. Your goal is to survive as long as you can in this dangerous land. Collect resources, build a fortress, defend yourself from enemies, and survive combat with zombie-knights and other monsters in this new Souls-like game!


Explore lands afflicted by the Grey Decay. Discover mysterious Places of Power. Try infiltrating ancient dungeons and other survivors' castles to obtain the most valuable resources.


Build workbenches and craft new resources. Discover new designs and create realistic medieval weapons and armor to battle with the Plaguelands' most dangerous inhabitants.


Build a sound foundation for defenses against the undead and other survivors. Defend your citadel, construct and place traps for uninvited guests. But don't forget to explore your enemies' territory to collect valuable loot.


Morning star? Halberd? Maybe an arbalet? Choose from an arsenal of deadly weapons. Deal critical hits and evade enemy attacks. Use different fighting styles. Find an effective strategy for wielding every type of weapon!


Build a stable and don't miss your chance to gallop into battle against hordes of undead on your war horse or ride through a grim medieval landscape. You can build a boat, a cart, and even a carriage - if you can obtain the necessary parts.


Life in the Plaguelands is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short. Hunger and thirst will kill you faster than cold steel in this sinister medieval MMORPG. Conquer nature, hunt dangerous animals, prepare their meat over an open fire, or kill other survivors to replenish your reserves.


Build a raven cage and these smart birds will be your messengers. Watch the skies. Ravens always circle over something of interest. And that which ravens take interest in will always be of interest for a lonely Exile.


A clan will increase your chances of surviving one more day in this cruel and bitter medieval world. Call your brothers in arms to cut down damned knights and bloodthirsty witches.


When night descends, darkness floods the world, and you'll need light to escape the terrifying Night Guest.


You may feel alone, but you are not. There's always something to do. Complete quests that bring ravens and receive rewards. Take every chance - that's the best strategy for survival in the grim reality of this forgotten kingdom.


Search for letters and scrolls to learn about the Empire's ancient history. Find keys to solving the mystery of your past and the truth behind this unfolding catastrophe.

Life in the Plaguelands is a constant battle not only with hunger and thirst but with hordes of undead and cursed beasts. Conquer nature and fight in this action RPG for real heroes. Become a legend! Storm enemy castles, collect loot, and rule the Plaguelands from an iron throne!

Grim Soul is a free-to-play MMORPG, but it contains in-game items that can be purchased. You must be at least 13 years of age to download this game and begin your adventures in Grim Soul. Your strategy for survival will determine everything. Begin your journey and become a hero in a brutal game for fearless warriors.

The system releases expected newer versions regularly.
The epic land remains unfinished as players continue to write new stories upon it.
You can create a source of items and face hundreds of opponents.
The epic battle ends with your triumphant return.
Key features of the app include real-time weather updates and information on local restaurants and coffee shops.
Let the Journey Begin Originally appeared as a book by author Michael Phillips.
Get better at fighting by reading this document.
Extensive graphics are featured in this game.
Additional information about playing Grim Soul.

# How to download and install Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod APK 5.7.1 [Mod Menu][Invincible]?

// Option A //

To download Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG mod from HappyMod.com.
You need enable the option "Unknown Sources".
1. Click on the above link to download Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG mod APK.
2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.
3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

// Option B //

To download Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG from HappyMod APP, you can follow this:
1. Open your browser and download the HappyMod APK file from HappyMod.com - the only official website of HappyMod.
2. Open Android Settings and go into Privacy or Security.
3. Tap the option to Allow Unknown Sources and enable it.
4. Go to your Android downloads and tap the APK file.
5. Follow the directions on the screen to install it.
6. Search Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG in HappyMod App.

# Full Specifications of Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG Mod APK 5.7.1 [Mod Menu][Invincible]

// Download Information //

Version Code507010595
Langaf am ar as az be bg bn bs ca cs da de el en en-AU en-CA en-GB en-IN en-XC es es-ES es-US et eu fa fi fr fr-CA gl gu hi hr hu hy id in is it iw ja ka kk km kn ko ky lo lt lv mk ml mn mr ms my nb ne nl or pa pl pt pt-BR pt-PT ro ru si sk sl sq sr sr-Latn sv sw ta te th tl tr uk ur uz vi zh-CN zh-HK zh-TW zu


// Operation Systems //

Permission Text OTHER:
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
Allows access to the vibrator.
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Min Sdk22
Min Sdk Txt$mod_unpack_info.min_sdk_txt}}
Target Sdk33
Target Sdk Txt33
Multi WindowNo
Supports Screenssmall, normal, large, xlarge
Open GL Int0
Supports Any DensityYes
Densities120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640, 65534, 65535

// User Features //

Uses Feature Wi-Fi hardware features:
The app uses 802.11 networking (Wi-Fi) features on the device.
Uses Feature Touchscreen hardware features:
The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.
The app uses the device's basic two-point multitouch capabilities, such as for pinch gestures, but the app does not need to track touches independently. This is a superset of the android.hardware.touchscreen feature.
The app uses the device's advanced multitouch capabilities for tracking two or more points independently. This feature is a superset of the android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch feature.
Uses Feature other.#The app uses 802.11 networking (Wi-Fi) features on the device.#:

// Signature //

Valid FromSat Feb 27 02:39:18 CET 2021 until: Wed May 06 03:39:18 CEST 2071
Serial Number4320559a

// Developer //

CityBmGame";i:5;s:74:"Issuer: CN=BmGame

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  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-12-08 00:39:49

    From:US   Device:B140DL   OS:android 11
    The video verified version usually always works for me, but this time it keeps saying "App not installed" when i try to install it. Even when i redownload it.
  • I

    @Anonymous   2023-12-06 08:33:40

    From:ID   Device:CPH2333   OS:android 13
    i cant save the progres
  • M

    @Anonymous   2023-12-05 10:21:49

    From:MY   Device:M2003J15SC   OS:android 12
    terbaik..jadi betul.. thanks Bro..
  • T

    @Anonymous   2023-12-05 00:16:53

    From:TR   Device:SM-G610F   OS:android 8.1.0
  • B

    @Anonymous   2023-12-04 10:30:09

    From:BR   Device:SM-A013M   OS:android 10
  • E

    @Anonymous   2023-12-03 22:37:42

    From:ES   Device:Mi Note 10 Lite   OS:android 12
    I would like the possibility to choose the pets skills for both, wolves and cats. There are some skills which are almost useless.
  • E

    @Anonymous   2023-12-03 20:06:24

    From:ES   Device:SM-A127F   OS:android 13
    no carga
  • E

    @Anonymous   2023-12-03 20:05:53

    From:ES   Device:SM-A127F   OS:android 13
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-12-03 12:58:42

    From:US   Device:Infinix X695   OS:android 11
  • I

    @Anonymous   2023-12-03 11:11:07

    From:ID   Device:CPH2565   OS:android 13
    very nice
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  • M

    @Anonymous   2023-03-27 06:57:31

    From:MX   Device:OPPO CPH2205   OS:android 12
    me gustaría que se pudiera disminuir el tiempo para una nueva exploración
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-03-05 15:21:30

    From:US   Device:samsung SM-A035M   OS:android 12
    modo leyenda que no podamos morir y duren full las monedas y muchas gracias por escuchar mi petición sigan adelante
  • G

    @Anonymous   2023-02-11 11:09:56

    From:GB   Device:Xiaomi M2006C3LG   OS:android 10
    What about free craft and unlimited money instead and fix the bug like when you try to connect to Facebook you get kick out
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-01-29 01:09:04

    From:US   Device:onn 100003562   OS:android 11
    Can you make shopping in the store free and also add unlimited silver coins. also maybe add a mod that you can trigger events and make upgrading not need blueprints
  • P

    @Anonymous   2023-01-27 01:45:48

    From:PE   Device:ZTE ZTE 8010   OS:android 10
  • G

    @Anonymous   2023-01-22 23:48:47

    From:GB   Device:samsung SM-J210F   OS:android 6.0.1
    please update the latest version. game need update for work and it was unable to update from play store.
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-01-12 23:47:13

    From:US   Device:samsung SM-A715F   OS:android 13
    compras gratuitas es lo que ase falta porque va a facilitar todo
  • D

    @Anonymous   2022-12-30 18:21:05

    From:DE   Device:samsung SM-G780F   OS:android 13
    man kann sich nicht mehr anmelden mit Facebook kann man das bitte beheben
  • U

    @Anonymous   2022-12-28 08:18:40

    From:US   Device:INFINIX MOBILITY LIMITED Infinix X606C   OS:android 8.1.0
    the only problem I have is the update,any time there's an update I'll have to delete my game and install the update by doing so erase my progress please fix it
  • A

    @Anonymous   2022-12-24 18:40:47

    From:AE   Device:samsung SM-A528B   OS:android 13
    اللعبه وقفت محتاجه تحديث بعد ماوصلت مستوي 100.. ولو نزلت الجديده كل البيانات اتصفرت ورجعت مساوي واحد
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