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Mortal Crusade Mod APK 2.4.4 [Mod Menu]

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Update on: 2023-10-31

Mortal Crusade Mod is a modified version of Mortal Crusade developed by Coldteam. The difference between mod version and original version is: menu... You can download latest mod version or original version of Mortal Crusade 2.4.4 with HappyMod. HappyMod is the best mod downloader for 100% working mods. Click here to learn how to use HappyMod to download and install all kinds of file types:xapk, bapk, apks...
App nameMortal Crusade Mod APK 2.4.4 [Mod Menu]
Update on2023-10-31
Size33.13 MB
Mod infomenu
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Mortal Crusade Mod APK 2.4.4 [Mod Menu]

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# Mod Info

The main advantages / modifications of Mortal Crusade Mod APK 2.4.4 [Mod Menu]

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# Learn about Mortal Crusade through its official website.

Many video games today feature high-quality 3D graphics. In addition to beautiful games, popular trends include 16-bit side-scrolling games and products created using graphic technology. Mortal Crusade is a popular video game that uses graphics and stands out thanks to its retro style. It features both an RPG aspect and a thrilling plot. You'll quickly become engaged by the story and enthusiastic about overcoming the game's challenges.

# A narrative is an account of past events and is written in prose.

The plot of Mortal Crusade revolves around a knight who was cursed while trying to protect his kingdom. A powerful curse transformed a knight into a shadowy realm filled with ferocious monsters, undead and other monstrous beings. A magic sword hidden in this dark world can return the warrior to the light and return peace to his troubled land. Help the knight discover his purpose in a dark and fearful world through your support. Show him the courage and fighting spirit to aid him in his quest for freedom.

# Gameplay

In side-scrolling video games, players take on the role of the main character. They use a sword the game provides to fight the game’s other monsters. The game's creator artificially creates levels in specific locations like caves, forests, mines, junk yards and dungeons. This includes places like Asgards castle and a barrow. The goal of each level is to defeat all the enemies inside to move onto the next one. Monsters constantly increase in size as they grow. They were surprisingly strong with more and more members joining their cause. You must dodge the creatures' attacks by moving to another location on the screen. Then, use skills in the corner of the display to defend against the threats. It's unlikely that players can create combos while playing Mortal Crusade. Instead, the game mostly relies on players' abilities to manage the controls. However, players can use some of the game's support items to stay alive.

# With RPG elements, the game is a hybrid of a Role-Playing Game and Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

The developer of Mortal Crusade wants to differentiate their Stickman game from the regular Side-Scrolling game. They also want to avoid creating a definitionally boring game by adding RPG elements to it. Additional equipment systems allow characters in Mortal Crusade to wear rings, necklaces, cloaks, gloves, shoes, shirts, shoulder pads and shields. Additionally, individuals can use weapons, necklaces and wrist bands. On the right side of every character's interface is an information panel that displays any item abilities they possess. Each item type grants a specific ability based on its stats. Creating a character grants them access to basic equipment. However, additional equipment can be purchased in stores or acquired through quest rewards or enemy drops. Many classes don't receive the most basic equipment right away; additional items must be earned by completing other tasks.

# Get ready for the historic fight.

Every 12-stage Mortal Crusade period must end with a boss battle. Whenever the game switches stages, players must confront this adversary. The boss is strong; they can reduce a character's health by 1/3 or even half with each move. However, they move slower than other monsters, making it possible to outmaneuver their attacks if you move wisely. Before heading into the store, you can recover any lost energy or health by purchasing items from the store.

# The MOD feature was added to the game with the update.

Cash is vital to completing this game. Purchasing equipment and support items grants money that can be used to enhance characters or facilitate victory in many battles. Additionally, it makes acquiring even more cash easy.

# The story of the young knight's exploits.

In the beginning of Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight, the protagonist is young and gifted in swordplay. However, he is quickly rendered obsolete by the hordes of enemies that invade his world. When the game begins, he is transported to a hostile fantasy world filled with zombies, skeletons, warriors and other antagonists. Your journey will involve facing many regular battles. You'll also need to prepare for multiple boss battles, as well as struggles against large Magic powers and the stamina needed to last until you reach your destination again.

# Anywhere you choose to explore on this world's landscapes is open to you singularly.

Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight takes place in a dark fantasy world. You must confront many different dangerous monsters that carry the power wielded by dark forces living in this world. The power of creation has altered every landscape. You will encounter rock caves, mountain forests, deserts, dungeons and even townships when exploring new areas. All of these places display gloomy colors and designs inspired by horror movies. The game's old and nostalgic 2D graphics contribute to a good playing experience for players. Additionally, this contributes to the feeling that the game is old.

# Continue to fight until you’re too tired to go on.

In Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight, the player commands their character to traverse the landscape side-scrolling like in a traditional platformer. The constant desire to annihilate the enemy motivates the player to fight, even as they move from area to area. Because of its special feature, the game constantly challenges players. The monsters in the game appear in high densities with increasing strength. There are locations that aren't exposed to the public that have additional challenges to overcome. If you don't have any curiosity or interest in exploring, then ignore these spots. It looks like Mario’s Mushroom World. In fact, the outside world appears impassable from this perspective. But when travelers achieve success in a place like this, they’ll receive rewards that ease future travels. There are many different rewards for completing tasks that are difficult to find except for hidden spots.lly, these quests will bring you a variety of items.

# Mortal Crusade Mod APK 2.4.4 [Mod Menu] Features:


Mortal Crusade Mod Menu is an intriguing addition to the world of gaming. This mod menu offers a host of exciting and customizable features that enhance the gameplay experience. In this in-depth review, we will explore the functionalities and intricacies of this mod menu and analyze its impact on the overall gaming experience.

User Interface and Accessibility:

The first impression of the Mortal Crusade Mod Menu is its visually appealing and user-friendly interface. The menu is neatly organized, making it easy to navigate through the various features and options. The layout ensures that even novice players can quickly familiarize themselves with the menu and access its functionalities effortlessly. Additionally, the mod menu provides detailed on-screen instructions, ensuring accessibility to players of all skill levels.

Features and Customization:

One of the standout aspects of the Mortal Crusade Mod Menu is its extensive range of features and customization options. The mod menu allows players to personalize their gaming experience by enabling or disabling specific features according to their preferences. From unlimited ammo and health to enhanced weapon abilities and character upgrades, the mod menu offers an array of options to amplify the gameplay. Moreover, players can customize the visual aspect of their characters, environments, and overall game aesthetics, enhancing the immersive experience.

Impact on Gameplay:

The Mortal Crusade Mod Menu significantly enhances the gameplay experience by introducing features that go beyond the limitations of the original game. It gives players the freedom to experiment with different playstyles, exploring unique strategies and approaches. The mod menu provides opportunities for both casual and competitive players to push boundaries and unlock new possibilities within the game. It injects fresh life into the game, preventing monotony and ensuring long-term engagement for players.

Stability and Compatibility:

A mod menu's stability and compatibility are crucial factors that determine its success and usefulness. Mortal Crusade Mod Menu excels in these areas, ensuring a seamless integration with the game. The menu is optimized to minimize crashes, bugs, and glitches, providing a stable and reliable gaming experience. Furthermore, the mod menu is compatible with a wide range of platforms and game versions, extending its availability to a larger player base.

Community and Support:

The effectiveness of any mod is often determined by the support and engagement of its community. Mortal Crusade Mod Menu boasts an active community that actively contributes to its growth and development. Regular updates, bug fixes, and feature additions are frequently rolled out, ensuring the mod menu's relevance and longevity. The community also offers assistance and support to players, enabling a collaborative environment for optimizing the mod menu experience.


In conclusion, the Mortal Crusade Mod Menu revolutionizes the gaming experience by adding an impressive array of features and customization options. With its user-friendly interface, stability, and compatibility, this mod menu provides players with enhanced gameplay possibilities that transcend the limitations of the original game. Its active community and dedicated support further enhance the overall experience. If you are looking to augment your gaming experience and explore new dimensions within your favorite game, Mortal Crusade Mod Menu is definitely worth considering.

Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight is an RPG Platformer to experience unique and exciting challenges.

The main character, a young knight, has to pass through the huge variety of dungeon obstacles. Support him in his hard way by receiving and accomplishing new challenges. Find and explore hidden areas of the kingdom. Get the powerful sword ready and fight for the hero against monsters, zombies, skeletons, warriors, and many villains. Prepare for the numerous boss fights and resistance to their insidious magic, aimed to stop you.

Live out the exciting scenario: reveal the secrets and receive additional quests to complete. Travel through different locations, like dungeons, caves, mines, mountain forests, and wastelands.

The gameplay is full of secret spots and challenging tasks. Carry out investigations, search for inventory items: armors, weapons, and sword to protect the knight in fighting monsters. Strive your goals beating bosses.

Each accomplishment worth the way. Receive rewards for found caches and completed quests.

Mortal Crusade is a modern Action RPG based on the favorite retro style.


- RPG Platformer with Pixel graphics
- Completely open world: move forward and come back anytime
- Lots of enemies types to fight and areas to explore
- Customizable touch Controls
- Can be played Offline
- Over 12 bosses to beat
- Controller and Gamepad support
- Achievements system
- 16 original soundtracks

Learn about Mortal Crusade through its official website.
A narrative is an account of past events and is written in prose.
With RPG elements, the game is a hybrid of a Role-Playing Game and Massively Multiplayer Online Game.
Get ready for the historic fight.
The MOD feature was added to the game with the update.
The story of the young knight's exploits.
Anywhere you choose to explore on this world's landscapes is open to you singularly.
Continue to fight until you’re too tired to go on.

# How to download and install Mortal Crusade Mod APK 2.4.4 [Mod Menu]?

// Option A //

To download Mortal Crusade mod from HappyMod.com.
You need enable the option "Unknown Sources".
1. Click on the above link to download Mortal Crusade mod APK.
2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.
3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

// Option B //

To download Mortal Crusade from HappyMod APP, you can follow this:
1. Open your browser and download the HappyMod APK file from HappyMod.com - the only official website of HappyMod.
2. Open Android Settings and go into Privacy or Security.
3. Tap the option to Allow Unknown Sources and enable it.
4. Go to your Android downloads and tap the APK file.
5. Follow the directions on the screen to install it.
6. Search Mortal Crusade in HappyMod App.

# Full Specifications of Mortal Crusade Mod APK 2.4.4 [Mod Menu]

// Download Information //

Version Code85
Langru uk


// Operation Systems //

Permission Text OTHER:
Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
Min Sdk26
Min Sdk TxtAndroid 8.0
Target Sdk33
Target Sdk Txt33
Multi WindowNo
Supports Screenssmall, normal, large, xlarge
Open GL Int0
Supports Any DensityYes
Densities160, 320, 480, 65534

// User Features //

Uses Feature Touchscreen hardware features:
The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.
Uses Feature other.#The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.#:

// Signature //

Valid FromThu Sep 20 21:35:00 CEST 2018 until: Wed Nov 11 20:35:00 CET 2048
Serial Number70d51034

// Developer //

Organization5play.ru";i:5;s:31:"Issuer: CN=5play.ru

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    @Anonymous   2024-02-25 07:25:52

    From:US   Device:moto g(50) 5G   OS:android 12
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    @Anonymous   2024-02-23 12:20:24

    From:BR   Device:SM-A032M   OS:android 13
    jogo promete o que deve ser, gostei muito bom, inclusive o mod funcionou perfeitamente.
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    @Anonymous   2024-02-21 21:27:44

    From:ID   Device:SM-A750GN   OS:android 10
    not work
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    @Anonymous   2023-12-09 08:46:09

    From:MX   Device:ZTE Blade L9   OS:android 11
    si cumple,muy buen modo
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    @Anonymous   2023-11-27 01:05:05

    From:BR   Device:SM-A107M   OS:android 11
    muito bom jogaria tudo dnv
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    @Anonymous   2023-11-26 06:09:33

    From:BR   Device:SM-A105M   OS:android 11
    no meu não da pra instalar
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    @Anonymous   2023-11-20 12:35:56

    From:GT   Device:CRT-LX3   OS:android 12
    Es una maldita mierda
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    From:TH   Device:PPA-LX2   OS:android 10
  • B

    @Anonymous   2023-11-17 00:24:59

    From:BR   Device:MI 8 Lite   OS:android 10
    no funciona
  • F

    @Anonymous   2023-11-16 21:52:12

    From:FR   Device:Konnect_556   OS:android 11
    Ça marche et c'est un très occupants
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    @Anonymous   2022-07-23 03:22:27

    From:CO   Device:HUAWEI ANE-LX3   OS:android 9
    Actualisenlo por favor dinero infinito craft libre y fre purches por favor
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    @Anonymous   2022-06-07 20:43:54

    From:US   Device:OPPO CPH2083   OS:android 9
    please make free shipping ,.......
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    @Anonymous   2022-02-17 16:28:00

    From:IN   Device:Xiaomi M2102J20SI   OS:android 11
    please mod game this is god game is playstaore download I want mod game this game pls pls pls
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    @Anonymous   2022-02-04 11:29:47

    From:US   Device:OPPO CPH1729   OS:android 7.1.1
    Please make the new update mod unlock all and unlimited gems and coins
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    @Anonymous   2022-01-19 17:54:28

    From:US   Device:samsung SM-A205FN   OS:android 11
    make it have infinite money + work becouse it tells me that App Didn't Downland
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    @Anonymous   2021-09-07 12:50:25

    From:US   Device:samsung SM-J710MN   OS:android 8.1.0
    123456789019752762873631187377w72636283673727463727363472734728283627286473y463837463747373773734551619q992iwjwj3woneow92@*#*%&׿#,$ bfcjkdbfkeksvfushsuzhsg@&#&%;¥;×&$》°》•》●{~◇▪
  • F

    @Anonymous   2020-10-05 05:26:35

    From:FR   Device:samsung SM-G965F   OS:android 10
    can you make a hack for i test the game thx #happyMod#
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    @Anonymous   2020-09-25 22:20:36

    From:AR   Device:HUAWEI MRD-LX3   OS:android 9
    Por favor arreglen el tema del mod no se puede ver que queda siempre cargando y no se ve
  • U

    @Anonymous   2020-09-09 04:41:54

    From:US   Device:RED H1A1000   OS:android 8.1.0
    making in game purchases free and maybe making a toggle for getting inf resources or something similar
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