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Scientific Calculator- Simple MOD apk [Remove ads][Free purchase][No Ads] v9400

Scientific Calculator- Simple MOD apk [Remove ads][Free purchase][No Ads] v9400

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Scientific Calculator- Simple Mod Apk:

  • - Version: 9400
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Scientific Calculator- Simple MOD apk [Remove ads][Free purchase][No Ads] v9400 Features:

Scientific Calculator- Simple Mod Scientific Calculator- Simple &Multi Functions Mod v9400 (Ad Free) Features:

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scientific calculator fx designed with many powerful features  for engineering . Some of these can greatly reduce the effort to solve problems, while others can be abused in interesting and fun ways. Being able to use these features can also be helpful for students on tests and exams where scientific calculators are allowed but more powerful graphing calculators are not. it’s like  scientific calculator fx 991ms plus or  scientific calculator fx 100 ms  , and its easy to use with clear design you can use it offline  scientific calculator desmos  with log and antilog and shift solve EQ7for gateenjoy the high quality  calculator (2018) its is scientific calculator latest version with natural display  (real)you can use this scientific calculator for : - ti 84 - ti 30xs - ti 84 plus - 100 ms - 1000 ms - fx 991ms plus 100ms - fx 100 ms -fx 100 ms - 4500 - 995 - 991 es plus - 991ms - 991 es - 991 SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR• Trigonometric functions sin π/2, cos 30°, ...• Square root, cube and higher roots (hold √ key)• Exponent or power, use x^ key, (x^2)• Hyperbolic functions sinh, cosh, tanh, ... (hold "e" key to switch)• Scientific and engineering notation (enable in menu)• Inverse functions (hold direct function key)• Complex numbers, all functions support complex arguments• Derivatives sin x' = cos x, ... (hold x^ key)• Save and load history• Percent mode• Binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers, 0b1010, 0o123, 0xABCGRAPHING CALCULATOR• Multiple functions graphing• Parametric functions, enter each on new line (x=cos t, y=sin t)• Implicit functions up to 2nd degree (ellipse 2x^2+3y^2=1, etc.)• Polar graphs (r=cos2θ)• Function roots and critical points.• Graph intersections• Pinch to zoom• Tracing function values and slopes• Slide to scroll• Fullscreen graphs (PRO)• Function tables• Save graphs as images• 3D graphs (PRO)• Save tables as csvFRACTION CALCULATOR• Simple and complex fractions 1/2 + 1/3 = 5/6• Use parentheses (1+2)/(3+4)=3/7 • Mixed numbers, use space to enter values 3 1/2ALGEBRA CALCULATOR• Systems of linear equations, write one equation per line, x1+x2=1, x1-x2=2• Linear equations x+1=2 -> x=1• Quadratic equations x^2-1=0 -> x=-1,1• Linear and quadratic inequalities• Approximate roots of higher polynomials• Polynomial long division• Polynomial expansion, factoringPROBABILITY AND STATISTICS• Sample A=[1 2 3 4 5]• Combinations nCr(5,2)=10• Permutations nPr(5,2)=20• Sample B=[2 3 4 5 6]• Sum sum(A) = 15• Average avg(A) = 3• Median median(A) = 3• Correlation corr(A,B) = 1 • Sample variance var(A) = 2.5• Population variance varp(A) = 2• Standard deviation stdev(A) = 1.58..., stdevp(A) = 1.41...• Covariance cov(A,B) = 2.5• Hold n! key to enter functions, double tap dot to enter commaMATRIX CALCULATOR• Vector cross product, dot product (hold *) and norm• Matrix and vector arithmetic operations• Matrix determinant, inverse, transpose and trace functionsLIBRARY• Physical constants (PRO)• Save expressions for future reference• User defined constants and functions (PRO)[Disclaimer]Please note in advance that Appsys is not responsible for any damage or lost profits caused by the use of this software, or any claims from third parties.

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Size 3.8MB
Version 9400
Version Code 9400
Lang de en es fr it ja ko pt ru
Permission Text OTHER:
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows access to the vibrator.

Operation Systems

Min Sdk 16
Min Sdk Txt Android 4.1、4.1.11 (JELLY_BEAN)
Target Sdk 26
Target Sdk Txt Android 8.0
Multi Window No
Supports Screens normal, large, xlarge
Open Gl Int 0
Supports Any Density Yes
Densities 120, 160, 213, 240, 320, 480, 640, 65535

User Features

Uses Feature Touchscreen hardware features:
The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.
Uses implied Feature The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.#:


Md5 E89B158E4BCF988EBD09EB83F5378E87
Signature 61ED377E85D386A8DFEE6B864BD85B0BFAA5AF81
Sha256 A40DA80A59D170CAA950CF15C18C454D47A39B26989D8B640ECD745BA71BF5DC
Valid From Fri Feb 29 02:33:46 CET 2008 until: Tue Jul 17 03:33:46 CEST 2035
Serial Number 936eacbe07f201df


Developer Android
Ou Android
Organization Android
Locale Mountain View
Country US
City California
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